Saturday, 26 February 2011

Alexander Wang Large Emile Tote

I have always looking for a perfect bag.It must be durable, timeless and functional. Seem like Alexander Wang Large Emile Tote from his Spring 2011 collection fits into these categories easily. When I set my eyes on this bag, I know it---this is the perfect bag I'm looking for, even though I think that satchel are more functional, but this tote has more room and space. It has a shape similar with Yves Saint Laurent downtown bag (what a coincidence! Alex Wang is also known for his downtown vibe design.). For a person who doesn't have two thousand grand to splurge on bag, this tote which price is under a thousand grand is a good and cool option. Plus, it has a shoulder strap. I love the gold hardware and metal corner details of the bag. They add some edginess to the bag, and they also protect the leather from wear. It has four version to choose from, but I love the eggshell leather version the most. The simplicity of ivory white leather makes the gold details stand out.

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