Thursday, 27 January 2011

Haute Couture-Christian Dior Spring 2011

Nothing else excites me more than Haute Couture, especially Christian Dior. John Galliano always give new twist to Dior's signature "New Look". The models look ladylike and full of confident sporting strong eyebrows and red pout. Typical Dior women.
This collection is all about light, shadow and how light fall on colours (sound like Physics to me). Galliano took inspiration from sketches of RenĂ© Gruau did for Dior. To achieve the effect, he used seven layers of tulle. Ostrich feathers are used to imitate swooshes of ink, and sequins are used to imitate pencil lines. Even the feather hats look like brush strokes.
I hope I'll see celebrities wearing the last five gowns to Oscar.

One of my favourite in the whole collection

I hope this gown will appear in red carpet

Maybe Natalie Portman or Marion Cotillard can wear this gown to hide their baby bump

John Galliano himself sporting a shaggy haircut and a red scarf, looks like a rock star

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