Thursday, 20 January 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw

The 24-year old model is known for her tattoos, piercings (she even has one on her nipple!) and teeth. She is an Australian and currently resides in New York. Her original hair colour is dark blonde but she dyed it platinum blond, making platinum blond the new "it" hair colour. At 2009, she removed her ligament because of her knee pain. She is also remembered as the model who fainted after wearing the tight corset in Alexander McQueen's show.

Abbey Lee in Versace Spring 2011 ad campaign

She walks for Chanel regularly and is a best friend of Freja Beha Erichsen

She has a long relationship with Gucci, her first walk was booked by Gucci and she is the face of Flora perfume

She also starred in Tom Ford eye wear ad campaign
Abbey is also known for her street style which is unique and different from others. She instills bohemian spirit into her outfit by adding flowery dresses and bag.
She is a good example for the sheer maxi trend

Photos : Stockholm streetstyle,,

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